There are many weapons to choose from in Veloren. Each weapon offers a different playstyle and game feel so players can select the one they like most. Because most active skills are specific to certain weapon types, it is encouraged to stick with one weapon type in the early game. Players can still switch to any weapon they have with them at any point, but are vulnerable while equipping.

Weapon types and their basic attacks (which can be activated with the left mouse button LMB, RMB or holding a button):

  • Sword: Slash (click LMB), Stab (hold LMB), Parry/Block (RMB)

  • Polesword: Thrust (click LMB), Slices (hold LMB), Parry/Block (RMB)

  • Axe: Chop (LMB), Swings (hold LMB), Parry/Block (RMB)

  • Poleaxe: Thrust (click LMB), Swing (hold LMB), Block/Parry (RMB)

  • Hammer: Smash (click LMB), Swings (hold LMB), Parry (RMB)

  • Polehooks: Thrust (click LMB), Hook (hold LMB), Block/Parry (RMB)

  • Daggers: Stab (LMB), Throw (hold RMB)

  • Bow: Shoot (hold LMB)

  • Spear: Thrust (LMB), Parry/Block (RMB)

  • Staff: Hit (LMB), Magic (RMB)

  • Shield: Parry (click RMB) Defend (hold RMB), Ram (hold RMB while running)

The middle mouse button MMB will initiate a roll or a side-hop based on the weight of the weapon. Note: After throwing a weapon, the next weapon in the inventory is automatically equipped.