Combat Upgrades

There are active and passive upgrades the player can choose.

Passive upgrades give advantages based on triggers not available to the player. They are the most common kind of upgrade and give constant or situational bonuses.


  • When you take fall damage, you speed up for 5 seconds
  • When an enemy notices you, you gain 10 HP
  • You gain 2 HP per second

Active upgrades are triggered by the player. Most active upgrades are specific to one or two weapon types.


  • You rush into the nearest enemy
  • You spawn 3 ghosts that look like you and run around, but don't deal any damage
  • Your hammer smashes the ground causing grounded enemies nearby to stagger

Weapons are one of three kinds: Rage, Focus or Mana. Each of these kinds requires a different way to collect. These resources can be used to activate active skills.

  • Mana is used by magical weapons. It has a relatively high maximum value but a very low regeneration rate.
  • Rage is used by strength based weapons. It starts at zero but will increase with every hit the player deals or takes.
  • Focus is used by dexterity based weapons. It has a relatively low maximum value but a very high in-fight regeneration.