Combat Summary

Our target audience consists of people who like:

  • Meaningful grinding as the main way to progress.
  • Gameplay among these dimensions:
    • normal, buffing, debuffing
    • melee, ranged
    • healing, damaging
    • damage over time, burst
    • single target, area of effect
    • fragile, tank

Combat should be:

  • Fast: Around 0.67 - 1.5 moves per second most of the time
  • Simple: The player should rarely have to think too deeply or too much on-the-fly (e.g. rock-paper-scissors = simple, speed chess = complex)
  • Flexible: The player should have many ways to achieve something, no one way is strictly better than another
  • Contextual: The player should want to use their skills differently in different contexts (environments, opponent types, given equipment, etc.)
  • Committive: Abilities and attacks should have windows of vulnerability and strength, animation canceling is not allowed to preserve this
  • Active: Enemies force the player to dodge, roll, use their environment and use attacks that will move entities to keep combat dynamic and engaging