Combat Progression

To explain the essential gameplay concepts to the player, combat-level 1-5 are the tutorial phase. The player can make passive upgrades, but he can't specialize yet. While they are in this phase, NPCs and PCs will give the new player quests that each explain a few concepts. Examples of these are:

  • Bring a bucket full of water from the river. (Movement, Interaction)

  • Slaughter a helpless pig with a weapon they can choose. (Combat, Inventory)

  • Craft food / repair a chair (Crafting)

  • Talk to NPCs to find out more about the world and choose a faction (Conversation, Religion)

  • Fight against a real threat (Combat)

From combat level 5 to 50 the player will learn new active skills that give combat more variety, but there are still many enemies too strong for the player (the player should retreat). They can also ask NPCs for dungeons near them that have a fitting difficulty. At level 50 the player will be able to kill enemies 10x as strong as a level 5 player could and they have access to a wide variety of active skills that make combat more fun and less repetitive.

After level 50, new active skills get rarer and the player is encouraged to look for difficult enemies and dungeons because of quests they get from NPCs or PCs. Strong enemies will have different attacks or stages and need more attention and player skill to avoid. The player will not get more powerful mechanically, but he will learn how to use the active skills he has in the best way and order.