Team 1:

  • a: Orc, Axe, 75 HP
  • b: Human, Sword, 50 HP

a stands in front of b.

Team 2:

  • X: Giant spider, 100 HP
  • Y: Danari, Bow, 30 HP
  • Z: Human, Staff, 20 HP

Y and Z stand behind X.

175 HP Starts special move RAM to run into X50 HP Moves forward in blocking position100 HP Lays 3 eggs30 HP Prepares bow and arrow20 HP Backs off and prepares THUNDERSTRIKE
2Deals 20 damage to X and throws X into Y causing 5 damage to YRuns at Y100 HP Bites a causing 12 damage30 HP Shoots arrow at a causing 13 damage20 HP ...
350 HP Hits X for 15 damage50 HP Hits Y for 8 damage80 HP Goes towards a and builds SPIDERWEB TRAP15 HP Equips dagger and rolls to avoid damage20 HP launch THUNDERSTRIKE on X causing 30 damage
450 HP Tries to get out of trap50 HP Fails to parry attack from Y35 HP Go to b and bites to deal 11 damage7 HP Attacks b with dagger and deals 10 damage20 HP Casts HP-REGEN on X to heal 5 HP per second
550 HP32 HP35 HP7 HP20 HP