Enemies are the key to getting the player to engage and immerse themselves in the game. In a perfect scenario, a player or a group of players are fully focused on the combat and try to maximize profits.

Of course some players just want to kill a few weaker NPCs and focus on something else like a podcast at the same time, so this playstyle should be possible and rewarding as well.

  • Pigs: Roll and run around when damaged

  • Cats: Bite causing bleeding, then keep distance

  • Horses: Hit once, then run away

  • Cows: Ram into target causing knockback

  • Wolfs: Keep distance and circle around target

  • Archer (Bow): Keeps a clear sightline and shoots

  • Fighter (Sword): Try to hit but can parry and dodge

  • Barbarian (Axe): Rams into target causing knockback, slow but powerful attacks

  • Wizard (Staff): Shoots slow, magic, homing projectiles or puts a spell on an ally or chooses 3 x 3 blocks which start burning