Veloren's gameplay is very diverse. While some players just want to explore, others want to fight bosses, role-play or start a town. Every core kind of gameplay is called a domain. A player has a level for each domain. At the beginning, a player is at level 1 in all domains.

The time a player spends in a level should be around sqrt(level)*30 - 15 Minutes. This value is also proportional to the mechanical power the player has in this level.

Domains and their content:

  • Combat

    • Kill enemies
    • Finish dungeons
    • Claim spawn points and territory
  • Exploration

    • Move through the world
    • Find and collect resources
  • Construction

    • Craft items
    • Build constructions in territory
    • Cook food
  • Social

    • Interact peacefully
    • Roleplay
  • Sorcery

    • Brew potions
    • Cast spells
    • Manipulate characters

When leveling up, the player gets one skill-point of the type of gameplay you were doing. Every domain has it's own upgrade tree and has to be leveled up with skill-points of the same domain. Upgrades in the skill tree cost different amounts of skill points based on how powerful they are.

The upgrades will be laid out so that the player gains a new strong upgrade every 5 levels in the early game and every 10 levels later, so the player always has something to look forward to.

This encourages players to explore different domains and gameplay styles.